Oast House Tiles

From the Wadhurst clay from their own clay pit, Aldershaw employ traditional handmaking methods, using wooden moulds to recreate copies from original samples or drawings.

Where the original no longer exists Aldershaw have the expertise to create it and where the original cannot be improved upon, copies can be reproduced in a wide and varied range of tiles and fittings for the construction of new buildings.

Aldershaw tiles and fittings combine the best of all possible worlds - the beauty of the past with the durability of the new. Secondhand tiles maybe at the end of a useful life, Aldershaw tiles are just beginning theirs. In keeping with a time honoured and traditional approach to business, Aldershaw staff are skilled at providing an informed and personal service to customers.

We can supply double tapered Oathouse tiles in both Kent Peg and standard sizes with 4 tapers in each range to accommodate the different circumferences of the Cone.