Handmade Kent Peg Tiles

Over a century ago most tiles were made as 'peg' tiles i.e. they had no nibs from which the tile is hung, just two holes usually square through each of which a wooden peg is pressed and the tile was hung from these pegs.

During 1477 a royal statute was issued to attempt to standardise tile sizes in England to 10 " x 6 " which is very close to the current standard today (10 " x 6 "). However, some areas of the country steadfastly stuck to their regional sizes either out of ignorance or defiance. Leicester maintained the sizes of 11" x 7" , Kent 10" x 6" and some areas of East Sussex seem to be 9 " X 6 ".

Although these differences may seem small ,they are in fact recognisable and when a repair or extension work is being carried out it is desirable to use the correct size. We are sensitive to these issues at Aldershaw and will produce any of these for you to help you through your project.

Antique Kent Peg Tiles

Peg Tiles are available in a wide range of shapes and styles.