Glazed Wall Tiles

The Aldershaw handmade tile range is designed with the traditional elements in mind of our historic buildings and to function with the new, they reflect all the natural materials used in vernacular architecture.

This is a dynamic range that is being developed continuously.

Our tiles are part of a range that will unify the wall areas of fire places, bathrooms, kitchens and halls with natural beauty and form a perfect marriage with our terracotta floor tiles.

It is the nature of handmade products that they exhibit a degree of variability in sizes and in colour, indeed each tile is unique and that is part of their charm, all of our glazes are developed here and are prepared individually for each order, so there is an opportunity for small variations between different orders.

Our leaf cut and embossed tiles use the flora found in our own managed woodlands growing in the same clay that forms the base from which all of our products are made.